How to ping a TCP port?

Specially for Network administrators and IT technicians, checking if any server/ destination IP address is alive or not very important. With default ping feature in every OS its easy to check it, however things might get trickier when it comes to check if certain port is active or not.
Among several tools, ‘Paping’ is one of the simple and free tool you can use to ping certain TCP port.
Total I will show you how to use this simple tool to ping any TCP Port.
Once you downloaded the Paping from here.
Extract it.
Double click the paping.exe file. Installation is done.
To use Paping you need to use Command Prompt.
Open Command Prompt and go to the folder where paping.exe file is located. In my case C:\Users\Downloads\paping_1.5.5_x86_windows
Use this command paping <ip address> -p <port>
  • paping -p 22
  • paping -p 8080
Here port 22 of IP address is successfully ping.
Here is an example port 8080 of IP address failed to ping.
If you want to go some deeper on the features of Paping, you can look on to it with command paping -help

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